Tetravalent Purified-Inactivated Virus (TPIV) Vaccine for Dengue


A new vaccination strategy for dengue virus (DENV) was evaluated in rhesus macaques by priming with tetravalent purified inactivated virus (TPIV) which is a WRAIR vaccine or tetravalent plasmid DNA vaccines expressing the structural prME gene region (TDNA) then boosting 2 months later with a tetravalent live attenuated virus (TLAV) vaccine. Both vaccine combinations elicited virus neutralizing (N) antibodies. The TPIV/TLAV combination afforded complete protection against DENV 3 challenge at month 8. In a second experiment, priming with TPIV elicited N antibodies against all four serotypes (GMT 1:28 to 1:43). Boosting with TLAV led to an increase in the GMT for each serotype (1:500 to 1:1200 for DENVs 1, 3, and 4, and greater than 1:6000 for DENV 2), which declined by month 8 (GMT 1:62 for DENV 3, 1:154 for DENV 1, 1:174 for DENV 4, and 1:767 for DENV 2). After challenge with each one of the four DENV serotypes, vaccinated animals exhibited no viremia but showed anamnestic antibody responses to the challenge viruses. Currently, WRAIR is involved in conducting early stage clinical trials on the Tetravalent Purified-Inactivated Virus (TPIV) Vaccine for Dengue.

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