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The malaria slide bank is characterized by species, stage and parasitaemia.

The University of Lagos has the capacity to provide quality assurance services for malaria diagnostics. It maintains panels for malaria diagnostic quality assurance.

The University of Lagos maintains a semi-characterized biobank with detailed informed consent for future use. The biobank consists of malarial parasites characterized by microscopy in dry blood spots, whole blood, plasma and serum.

The University of Lagos has the capacity to assess markers for uncomplicated and complicated malaria that will be useful both at the control and elimination phase for malaria.

The University of Lagos has strong capacity for malaria diagnostic evaluation. The University is actively involved in research, capacity building and diagnostic test / reagent evaluation. The University can provide Partners access to invasive (blood) and non-invasive (urine, saliva) samples to evaluate malaria diagnostics based on immunological and nucleic acid and other platforms).

In vivo and in vitro platforms to screen antiparasitic agents using crude-extract from plants for biological activities are being setup. It is possible to collaborate in developing good crude plant extracts with anti-parasitic properties into molecules by sharing of preliminary data from these screens.

The University can provide partners with access to trial sites for clinical evaluation after proof of concept for malaria, HAT and schistosomiasis diagnostics. The University also has experience in pre-clinical evaluation and epidemiologic surveys in malaria and other tropical diseases.