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Experience working with natural products-medicinal plant extracts to treat parasitic diseases.

The University has participated anti-helminthic drug clinical trials.

The University has strong research experience with parasitic diseases such as trypanosomiasis, schistosomiasis

The Parasitology unit of the University of Ibadan has strong capacity for Malaria and Soil-transmitted helminth infection diagnostic evaluation. We are involved in researches that are either hospital or community based. Dr. Dada-Adegbola has had training both in immunology of parasitic infections and molecular diagnosis of parasitic infections with emphasis on malaria parasites and intestinal helminths. The unit is currently being equipped with facilities for molecular diagnosis of parasitic infection. Some of the staff has also been trained to handle the molecular diagnosis and the knowledge is transferred in training of other staffs.

The University of Ibadan has capacity for TB diagnostic evaluation, case management and disease control. The University is involved in TB research and is currently building capacity to carry out clinical trials on TB diagnostics, drugs and vaccines according to international standards. The University is willing to partner with other organizations to strengthen TB R&D in order to reduce disease burden in our community.