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Dr. Stephen Ghogomu at the University of Buea has identified two proteins as potential biomarkers for adult-stage onchocerciasis. To support his diagnostic development, Dr. Jose Gomez-Marquez and Dr. Kimberly Hamad Schifferli at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have shared Ampli Blocks, a platform for diagnostic development. Dr. Ghogomu will use these blocks as a platform to develop an onchocerciasis diagnostic device.

The Ampli Block kit includes a set of 40 different building blocks that enable lab workers around the world to assemble them in different ways to produce diagnostic devices. By supplementing the engineering of diagnostic development, Ampli Blocks allow researchers to focus on the biochemistry of detection and promote independent development of site-specific diagnostic devices.

Dr. Bhatia developed a model of liver-stage Plasmodium falciparum malaria. Through WIPO Re:Search, GSK provided Dr. Bhatia with compounds from its Tres Cantos Anti-Malarial Set (TCAMS) collection to test the feasibility of her model for high-throughput screening for malaria drug discovery.