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Johnson & Johnson R&D will provide IDRI researchers with its Jump-stARter library to screen against intracellular M. tuberculosis and Leishmania parasites. The researchers will use IDRI’s high-content imaging system to perform the screens.

Eisai will provide IDRI investigators with selected phosphodiesterase (PDE) V inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. The investigators will use IDRI's high-content imaging system to screen the compounds for activity against intracellular M. tuberculosis to identify candidates for further drug development.

Assuming that there is an urgent need for new drugs to treat tuberculosis, GSK provided Dr. Parish with a targeted set of protease inhibitors to perform a phenotypic screen against M. tuberculosis. No inhibitors were identified.

Requires follow up.

The NIH will provide IDRI researchers with natural product extracts to screen against M. tuberculosis.

Eisai provided an IDRI researcher with advice regarding parameters to consider during adjuvant design.

IDRI provided SA MRC and University of Cape Town researchers with expertise and advice to improve the solubility and bio-availability of the researchers’ anti-tuberculosis compounds.