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Eskitis has established a mass spectrometry-based medium-throughput screening platform capable of identifying compounds binding to proteins, delivering drug leads and potential pathways to crystallisation and structure-based design. Proteins can be analysed in their folded, native state without labelling.

Nature Bank is an integrated drug discovery platform based on natural products from Australia, China and Papua New Guinea. It comprises over 45 000 samples of plants and marine invertebrates, over 200 000 semi-purified fractions, over 3 250 pure compounds and over 400 naturally-occurring fragments. Nature Bank is enhanced for drug-like characteristics in accordance with Lipinksi’s rules. Nature Bank is stored under nitrogen in microtubes and can be automatically reformatted on demand into 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates. Nature Bank can be screened against a variety of drug target proteins including from parasite proteomes.