Vaccine designed for long-lasting and transmission-blocking activity of antibodies to Plasmodium Falciparum Elicited in Mice by protein conjugates of PFs25


Invention provides a malaria antigen-carrier conjugate, which comprises a carrier protein and a plurality of Plasmodium antigen polypeptides. Each of the antigen polypeptides is a wild type antigen protein expressed in athe maosquito stage of Plasmodium or a derivative of the wild-type antigen protein, and each of the antigen polypeptides may be the same or different. The plurality of the Plasmodium antigen polypeptides are covalently linked to the carrier protein. The present invention further provides a vaccine against malaria, which comprises the conjugate absorbed on an aluminum adjuvant.

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Pending Patent Reference Number(s): CN 2007800424740 ; pending US 12/444,963 ; EP 07844308.2 ; IN 2765DELN/2009