Protective Synthetic Peptide Against Malaria And Encoding Gene


Protective Synthetic Peptide Against Malaria And Encoding Gene; NIH reference E-519-1985 A synthetic peptide that is capable of inducing antibodies protective against malarial infection caused by Plasmodium vivax offers an important new tool for the delopment of a malarial vaccine. In order to provide this peptide in a vaccine composition, the nature of the immunodominant epitope of the surface protein of P. vivax sporozoite was identified and the gene encoding the epitope was cloned. The peptide can be administered with an adjuvant in an acceptable carrier such as a nontoxic bacterial cell or liposome.

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Granted Patent Reference Number(s): CA 1339828
Abandoned Patent Reference Number(s): Expired: US 4693994, EP 0223711 FR, BE, DE, DK, CH, GB, NL, SG, IT, SE , AU 586516, ZA 86/8776