WIPO Fellowship - Evaluate compounds in in vitro assays using several new techniques

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Lymphatic filariasis
Soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH)
Chagas disease
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Basic research

Dr. Martha Yahimbu was involved in several projects. The first was a program to evaluate compounds in in vitro assays using several new techniques that are currently running at our site. Part of her rotation was to utilize instruments available here to separate, purify, and identify chemical compounds. This also involved chiral separation techniques. Martha has gained experience in how the project team operates and the process for bringing a compound from a hot to lead optimization. She has spent time with our formulations group to learn how to optimize in vivo dosing of compounds. The computer aided drug discovery group was involved in her projects and she was exposed to the programs we use to model compounds at all stages of the projects. In collaboration with UCSD she has also tested select compounds from a library in several neglected tropical diseases.