WIPO Fellowship - Developing Snakebite Diagnostics Platform

On going
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The Dr. Benjamin Bande develops an enhanced platform for the quantitative measurement of species-specific
snake venom toxins in the plasma (or other biological samples obtained from) of snakebite patients.

The visiting fellow receives training in the use of a number of preparative and analytical protein
chemistry technology platforms including electrophoresis, HPLC, mass spectrometry and bioinformatics
processing. In addition he is trained in techniques related to antibody production, immunoassay
design, assembly, data acquisition and analysis.

The visiting fellow receives training/experience in the handling, recording, storage and reporting of
data; the preparation and submission of animal ethics approval applications; intellectual property
protection agreements; project costing and budgeting; scientific writing; biostatistical analysis and has the opportunity to gain experience in a range of other laboratory skills and techniques.