WIPO Fellowship - Assessing the immunological correlates possibly associated with extrapulmonary dissemination of mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb)

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Institute Pasteur Madagascar (IPM) is working with cohorts of EPTB (Extrapulmonary tuberculosis) patients in collaboration with local clinicians to better diagnose EPTB and accelerate diagnosis. IPM is gathering clinical, bacteriological as well immunological data and samples from these patients (clinical extrapulamonary Mtb (mycobacterium tuberculosis) strains, blood samples and other fluids), aiming to increase the Institute immunological investigation capacities in order to propose new options with new tools to diagnose EPTB with an integrated approach (host, pathogen, immune response). At IPM, the human host capacities need to be upgraded to meet with the international standards and increase the capacity to understand the host-pathogen interaction and build tools to fight against EPTB from this interaction. In this project, Paulo Ranaivomanana from IPM and Anna Coussens from WEHI work together to strengthen IPM capacities in assessing the immunological correlates that may be associated with extrapulmonary dissemination of Mtb. Understanding the determinants of Mtb dissemination can be useful to build diagnostic tools for EPTB.