Testing peptides for activity against Leishmania

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Dr. Qvit was working with Dr. Mochly-Rosen to develop peptides that inhibit Leishmania-activated C kinase receptor homologue (LACK). Previous studies had shown that Leishmania LACK knockouts were nonviable, and parasites that expressed low levels of LACK were unable to infect immunocompromised mice. Dr. Qvit’s peptides had shown promise in in vitro assays, and he was interested in testing his peptides in vivo. BVGH connected Dr. Qvit with Dr. Siqueira-Neto at UCSD, who tested the peptides in his in vitro assays before he planned to test them in vivo. The compounds did not show activity in Dr. Siqueira-Neto’s in vitro assays, and he provided recommendations to Dr. Qvit for improving permeability before pursuing further testing.