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Johnson & Johnson will be sharing a highly annotated phenotypic compound library with Dr. Conor Caffrey at the University of California, San Diego to screen for schistosomiasis drug discovery.

Buruli ulcer, a bacterial disease found mostly in Central and West Africa, destroys skin and soft tissue, resulting in large necrotic ulcers. Primarily affecting children, the disease causes significant long-term functional disability and permanent deformity unless diagnosed and treated early. In addition to requiring frequent visits to health clinics over a period of several weeks — which is not always practical in remote areas — current medicines can also cause severe side effects such as hearing loss. Professor Fabrice Boyom at University of Yaoundé I aims to develop a safer Buruli ulcer drug that can be
administered over a shorter time frame. Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany is sharing its Mini Library with Professor Boyom for his Buruli ulcer drug discovery program.

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